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Classic Motorcycle Restoration

Rust Removal
Sandblasting is a thorough means of rust removal and surface preparation, but does leave its mark and can cause distortion to more delicate or light weight items.

For this reason we have optional dip tank facility to remove even deep rust chemically without abrasive damage to the surface metal.

The surface metal is then treated with non oil based rust inhibiter to protect metal before painting.

Glass Fibre Tank Repairs
Due to many reasons, age, accidental damage, and 'increasingly' modern fuels a tank can become porous and leak petrol which blisters gel coat and strips paint.

Most tanks can be brought back into service.

I offer a solution: Repairs and restoration. After repairs are complete fuel proof resin is poured into the tank to line and protect from further degeneration.

Any glass fibre repairs considered.

Below Left: Photos of repaired tank before and after dip tank treatment.
Below Right: Transformation of a collection of rusty parts

Rusty tank prior to dipping
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'Rusty tank prior to dipping'
Rusty old parts prior to restoration
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'Rusty old parts prior to restoration'

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Motorcycle Paintwork

Custom paintwork for modern and classic motorcycles

Custom Helmet Paintwork

Custom motorcycle helmet paintwork. Murals and airbrush work available.